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Optimize Your Clubs to Drive Your Mission & Serve Your Members

Join us Friday, November 22 to explore best practices in the effective engagement of clubs. We'll look at their purpose, structure, and support while identifying practical steps you can take to assure your clubs are delivering true value to your members and mission. Peter Houstle, CEO of Mariner Management will share a variety of principles and practices employed throughout the association community and lead us in collaborative discussions around options you might consider to help your clubs be the best they can be.

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The Five T's of Trust: The 5 Essentials Every Leader Must Have to Establish, Guild, and Repair Trust

There are no quick fixes, short answers, or magic bullets when it comes to establishing trust. It all takes time, whether you are trying to build trust with new employees, or as a new manager, or fix a broken situation where trust has been damaged. In over 30 years of working with people in a variety of capacities, it seems to me that there are five basic steps that are helpful, and need to be followed over and over again to maintain any valuable relationship that is built on trust. They are:

Talk, Train, Thank, Track, Trust

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Getting More from Your Data

In this session, we will review the key points from the recent SCLC survey and outline key trends to be mindful of. We will glance at how SCLC compares to each other as well as other organizations. The focus is understanding our data and how to leverage it in making decisions that will positively impact your organization.

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